Does our product work for you?

Does our product work for you?

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• C2S provides managed Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns for Japanese business exporting to English language markets. The service includes text and cultural translation delivered by our Japanese and English translators in Cambridge.

• The team is multilingual but it is our experienced translator’s ability to communicate ideas across cultures that makes C2S managed campaigns the best available.

• Prospective customers who are looking for the products or services your web sites promote will click on the ads. Only when the click is made is a cost against budget made. So the whole budget is turned into high value enquiries. A high value enquiry is a visitor to a web page who is extremely likely to purchase the product or service on offer.

• A native Japanese speaking account manager will liaise between you and our Cambridge based English PPC consultants.

• Unlike many languages in common use, machine intelligence cannot translate between Japanese and English. The Human element is essential. Translation from Japanese to English is started by native Japanese and finished by native English ensuring no cultural drift ie the message is “not lost in translation”.

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