Content Management (CMS)

When developing a web site it is important that it is not only well designed with regard to the user experience, but also allows for administration and site updates to be done in a streamlined and efficient way.

With a content managed website you get just that, allowing you to keep your site up to date without expensive web developer hours.

Content management also offers modular upgrades, meaning that whenever you need to add that extra Tweet, it can be accomplished easily and efficiently.

E-Commerce & Payment Processors

Need to sell something ?

At C2S we have extensive experience of many of the net’s most comprehensive e-commerce packages and payment processor gateways.

Developing a custom e-shop to specifically fit your needs is something we excel at, with a strong selection of admin features including stock control, wish list and voucher codes as standard.


You can rest assured your customers are in good hands.

Step-by-step Development

At C2S we firmly believe that you as the client should always feel involved and engaged in your project.

This is why we offer an online staging server giving you access to up to the minute updates on your site’s progress from any location at any time.

This enables you as the client to instantly approach us about any of the components of your project and address them as the developer is working on them.

From concept to completion you’ll never feel out of the loop.

Open Source Technologies

Open Source technologies really are the future of the web, enabling high quality, low cost and highly efficient solutions to many of the web’s existing problems.

Be it a simple blog to a fully fledged e-commerce site there are plenty of solutions out there to custom fit your online needs.