Who are C2S ?

About Us

C2S is a small but versatile organisation with a staff of graphic designers, website programmers, database programmers, analysts and server engineers who deliver a broad range of online technologies from simple webpage layout to programming and technology strategy consulting.

The latest business internet needs are catered for by C2S including:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • Google Analytics performance analysis
  • Mobile web site design
  • Cloud hosting

C2S can take new or existing projects and installations to completion, or improve as necessary.

Web design started in earnest at C2S in the millennium year 2000 in line with the meteoric growth of the Internet.

Starting with the manufacturing sector, C2S has since delivered products into healthcare and education as well as small business markets.
Delivering goal driven technology from “Ah!” to “Whee!” | Based in Cambridge since 1995

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Richard Alston


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